About Daztech

Design. Print. Deliver.  Everything we do here at DAZTech has a brand, an image, something that complements or carries the theme of an event. Whether it is online, on paper, or stamped into a leather padfolio… we have dedicated over 27 years to ensuring we meet your print demands.  In 1990 when, Radford University student, David Spetrino, Jr.  developed a small business plan with the goal of making an imprintable sportwear company, that business plan became a reality.  We have come a long way from the original plan of making “tribal surf apparel”  in the small southwestern Virginia town, however, the strong foundation, attention to detail and dedication to serving clients was put in place at the very beginning and that legacy continues today. With the willingness to go the extra mile, it wasn’t long before daztech expanded into the corporate market and started specializing to meet the demand. Developing custom programs and productions, print campaigns, digital media, billboards, promotional “swag”, and other specialty items.

We have two types of clients. Those who have an idea and are not sure where to  get started, and those who often have a recognized brand and trust us to apply that brand on some sort of product, shirt, pen, mug, banner, this defines advertising specialties. Tangible products that help educate, entertain, or increase brand recognition.  In addition to traditional specialty products, we develop a full line of print advertising, postcards, business cards, banners, displays, awards/recognition gifts and especially decorated apparel.

Our Products were developed to say “Here we are, don’t forget about us.” or “We appreciate your business,  Thank You!”.

Owned and operated by Jon Spetrino, DAZTech is located in downtown Wilmington, North Carolina.  Most of the productions aren’t local. They are sent to events across the US. DAZTech handles the complete logistics, printing, packaging, delivery.

How can DAZTech help you?
All it takes is a small concept, from there  – we make it real!  We are your source to build your brand!