Got Trade Show?

What to Do…

BEFORE Your Next Trade Show or Event

Things to consider and decide ahead of time:
• Your display. Is your current display attention-getting? Does it reflect your brand? Does it meet all applicable codes and requirements? Is it easy to ship and set up.
• Pre-event promotion. Tell customers and prospects you are attending an event via your website, social media or email, and develop a compelling reason like a demo, contest or giveaway for them to come see you.
• Your goals. Generating a certain number of leads? Connecting with key customers? Consider offering a complimentary service or incentive to prospects or current customers who meet certain criteria.

AT the Event

Things you can do to keep the momentum going:
• Make sure your display is set up to quickly and immediately show what you do.
• Position your booth furnishings to make the area inviting and comfortable.
• Showcase any products or graphics in the best possible light – literally! Dark spaces or blocked graphics diminish the effectiveness of your presentation.
• Reinforce branding in everything from display to giveaways. Don’t forget creative use of space like the floor or tablecloth.
• Step out of the box. Come out from behind the table and engage with passersby.
• Start conversations with open-ended questions that will encourage visitors to stay and talk.

AFTER the Event

Things you can do to ensure your hard work at the show pays off:
• Follow through on every customer interaction in a timely manner. A phone call or email the week after the event is more productive than one a month later.
• Deliver on your promises. Send that sample or brochure, schedule a follow-up meeting or deliver a proposal when you said you would. If there’s a delay, contact the customer or prospect to explain why or risk doing permanent damage to your reputation.
• Track your return on investment. Compare the results to the goals you set to determine whether the event is worth attending again. Not sure how to track results? New technology like QR codes and dedicated landing pages can help gauge how many people you reached at a specific event.

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