Welcome to Daztech Promotions!

After having a website that has been “under construction” for years, I decided to actually treat our company as a client. A beautiful Saturday afternoon, Labor Day weekend, looking at the project board that has nearly run out of room. This is a great thing! Positive energy when we are this busy. Working on projects that range from a simple logo design (ZZ Metal & Stone, Memphis, TN), Goat & Compass flyer AD to win FREE Tickets to Carolina Panthers v. Atlanta Falcons game in December, Can Cooler Koozie Layouts for the Duck and Dive, Crystal Lifetime Achievement Awards for an event management firms client, T-shirts for each of the 1056 students of an elementary school in Charlotte, Patches for uniforms for the Fillin’ Station Grille that is opening up in 3 weeks, Shirts for Camp Tall Timbers 40th Reunion, Table Center Display concepts for a 2011 event that will be fast approaching, developing iPad Kiosks for LivingSocial.com that will proudly sit in featured merchant locations in the major markets and then when all that is done, I must apply decals to the 36 galvanized buckets that are lined down our hallway for a crab fest in MD next week.  Just a wide range of productions that make up what we do here at Daztech.

So, instead of working through all of  these productions today, I thought it would be interesting to finally install our webpage. Not just for you to check in and see what we are up to or what we can do, but for us, to help us start collecting and showcasing work we have done.  Hopefully becoming a cool repository so that one day I can look back and recall all the amazing opportunities and fun projects we have had the pleasure working with you on.

We manage several sites, build smaller sites that fit that particular niche where the client needs a simple presence, wants their own custom email, provides some contact information, and that is that. Nothing crazy, nothing expensive, nothing they have to manage. Sure we can work on optimizing the sites with some SEO techniques… we already install google analytics so our customers can look at their site stats, keyword searches, visitor information, we know how to develop eCommerce applications, tie everything into MySQL databases, capture data, build custom forms and registration pages, build email campaigns through sites like constant contact and mailchimp…  DAZTECH does all this but doesn’t even claim a site. Unbelievable.  Sure, a simple splash page, a couple of links: Promotional Products or Custom Printed Apparel?  Today, I installed WordPress configured everything to manage the content I will be feeding it. Little by little, it will no longer resemble a site “Under Construction”.

I have been asked several times this year, “You build peoples websites but don’t even have one of your own?”. Unfortunately, “YES”.  It is slightly comical. I do tell everyone that ever asks, “Word of mouth is absolutely your best form of advertising”. What we do here merely complements and solidifies.  There is more to it than that. I simply never stop what I am doing and focus on my own brand and the image we should have in place. Shame on me! Yes, I do have business cards although I rarely carry them and use them more often to showcase the difference between Gloss UV Finish and a Matte Finish.  I am a huge believer in low overhead, offering quality products, fast production, and value. We rely on repeat business, we don’t try to sell, we focus on creative solutions, offering advice, and provide options that hopefully very relevant.

Thank you all for the support, confidence in having us produce your print work for you or your clients.

Daztech works locally in downtown Wilmington, North Carolina, however our products have a global reach.
For more information on our products and services, contact Jon Spetrino.